Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera
Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera
Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera
Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera
Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera
Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera

Blaux In Home Air Ionizer

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The Blaux In-Home Air Ionizer is a compact, powerful, safe and extremely high-quality air ionizer and purifying filter with a fan that cleans, deodorizes, and neutralizes unpleasant odors in the air.

The ions released from the air ionizer immediately cling to smoke particles, dust, pollen and other harmful pathogens, causing them to become heavier until they drop to the floor, cleared from the air you breathe.

The Blaux In-Home Air Ionizer operates with 3 speeds and features night mode and a status LED light ring. 

Blaux In Home Air Ionizer Features

  • Plug-in quiet ionizer fan with 3 fan speeds
  • Portable ionizer convenience, interchangeable wall plugs
  • Fresh air ionizer with charcoal or scented bag cradle
  • Includes super-clean activated charcoal ionizer air filter 
  • Status light ring, night mode, and filter change reminder
  • No ozone
Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera
What is Blaux In-Home Ionizer?

The Blaux In-Home fresh air ionizer is a portable air purifier with a convenient interchangeable US/EU wall plug. The Blaux has a powerful but quiet ionizer fan and purifying ionizer air filter technology, which rapidly neutralizes unwanted odors from the air you breathe in your home. The Blaux In-Home activated charcoal filter efficiently captures and absorbs pet odors, smoke, cooking fumes, and many other unpleasant smells. The fresh air ionizer also targets unwanted dust and pollutants plus harmful airborne particles, so you can enjoy fresh air all around you. The portable ionizer is conveniently sized and the ionizer fan runs quiet while constantly cleaning and recirculating air. It’s easy to move throughout rooms in your home for a complete fresh air experience.

Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera
Technical Specifications
  • Ionizer fan moves air volume 12 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Fresh air ionizer 3 million negative ion/cm³
  • Convenient portable ionizer design with US/EU wall plug
  • Super-clean activated charcoal ionizer air filter included
  • Dual voltage 110/220V
Blaux In Home Air Ionizer - Etshera
  • The lightweight portable design makes the Blaux In-Home ionizer easy to pick up and move in the home or even on the go, convenient for travel too with the interchangeable wall plug US/EU
  • The high-tech 3 speed Blaux ionizer fan is quiet---go ahead and use in your office without disturbance
  • The activated charcoal ionizer air filter captures and absorbs unpleasant odors and possibly harmful airborne particles from your home
  • Status LED light ring doubles as a night light
  • The Blaux ionizer works constantly and quietly in your home so you will enjoy safe fresh air to breathe all day and all night
Powerful and Compact Blaux In-Home Ionizer

The Blaux Ionizer is a high-quality air purifying filter and fan system that fits in the palm of your hand so you can bring it and use it anywhere.

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