Blaux Hand Held Thermometer - Etshera
Blaux Hand Held Thermometer - Etshera
Blaux Hand Held Thermometer - Etshera
Blaux Hand Held Thermometer - Etshera
Blaux Hand Held Thermometer - Etshera
Blaux Hand Held Thermometer - Etshera

Blaux Hand Held Thermometer

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The Blaux Thermometer instant no-touch infrared device takes 100% accurate temperature readings without spreading deadly germs! Fast, safe, convenient and effective. The Blaux hand held thermometer displays temperature in an instant with zero subject contact. Easy to use at home, in the airport, the car, outside the school and before visiting elderly parents—take it anywhere you need to go and feel safe.

  • Slim pocketable design with an IR sensor that rotates 90 degrees
  • Convenient screw in base tripod adaptability (tripod not included) for temp check stations
  • Three modes let you measure internal body temperature, external object temperature, and environment temperature
  • Non-contact infrared technology that’s scientifically shown to minimize cross-contamination and reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease
  • Specialized infrared receiver measures fevers with 100% accuracy
  • Clear, easy-to-read LED color-coded display shows red for fever, green for normal, yellow for caution
  • Onboard memory stores up to 64 temperatures for accurate fever records and health tracking
Blaux Hand Held Thermometer

Simply hold the Blaux Thermometer close to your subject and the infrared sensor instantly detects internal body temperature with 100% accuracy—without touching or spreading dangerous infection. The use of non-contact infrared thermometers has been scientifically shown to promote safety by reducing cross-contamination and minimizing risks of spreading infectious disease. Feel safest with Blaux!

Color alarm

The Blaux Thermometer LED display is super easy to read and 100% effective for monitoring body temperature. The color-coded display lets you know instantly if your internal temperature is good to go or in need of medical attention. The accurate readings are displayed clearly on a color-coded LED screen that lets you know when you should be concerned. The Blaux Thermometer takes away guesswork. Get peace of mind knowing your family's health can always be accurately measured, tracked, and seen.

Temperature measuring

The Blaux handheld thermometer offers three distinct settings so you can accurately measure and record internal body temperatures as well as object temperatures and environment temperatures. Fever is one of the most accurate predictors of serious infection, and easy to track with the Blaux hand held thermometer. The Blaux thermometer is multi-functional and convenient to use wherever you go.

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Trust Blaux for Health and Peace of Mind

The Blaux infrared hand held thermometer uses advanced no-contact technology and onboard memory, allowing you to quickly and safely take and record body temperatures wherever you go.

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