Blaux Cleanse - Etshera
Blaux Cleanse - Etshera
Blaux Cleanse - Etshera
Blaux Cleanse - Etshera
Blaux Cleanse - Etshera
Blaux Cleanse - Etshera

Blaux Cleanse Bidet Attachment

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Wash and soothe yourself—save big money and help the planet too—all with the Blaux Cleanse bidet attachment for your toilet seat. Gently improve higiene with a stream of pure water that eliminates the need for messy toilet paper. Your skin will thank you, and so will your wallet. You’ll reduce the number of trees needed to make toilet paper and the amount of plastic wasted in packaging it.

Cleans Better than Wasteful Toilet Paper

  • Bidet toilet attachment installs easily on toilet seats
  • Attach it yourself, simple to do, no need for a plumber
  • All fittings included, save valuable bathroom space
  • No electricity required to power the Blaux Cleanse, just a regular cold-water supply
  • Easily adjustable water pressure, angled to suit your preference
  • Simple and comfortable to use, great for children, older people, and everyone
Get Cleaner than Toilet Paper Ever Could

The Blaux Cleanse bidet attachment offers an ingenious way to improve your private hygiene and personal care. Blaux Cleanse is gentle and soothing, especially for delicate skin. Pure water is hypoallergenic, safe and effective for children and everyone.

Eco-friendly Alternative

The Blaux Cleanse bidet attachment can eliminate your need for toilet paper and reduce your environmental footprint. Toilet paper is a single-use product that causes deforestation. Its plastic wrapping ends up in landfills. Blaux provides an innovative alternative that reduces waste, while improving your wellness and comfort.

Easy to install and Compatible on Any Toilet

The Blaux Cleanse bidet attachment offers all the benefits of a traditional bidet in the form of a tiny, non-electric attachment you can easily install yourself. No need for a plumber. No electricity required. All the fittings are included with the Blaux Cleanse, and it works with almost all toilets.

Maximize your bathroom space and your toilet utility by simply installing the convenient Blaux Cleanse bidet attachment to your existing toilet seat!

How to use Blaux Cleanse Bidet Attachment

The Blaux Cleanse bidet attachment is space-saving and easy to use—its the 21st-century answer to a bulky, expensive traditional bidet. Select your preference for rear or front cleansing.

Turn the knob for a gentle stream. Only the water will touch you—it feels just like a refreshing shower, and the device rinses clean every time you flush.

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The Remarkable Blaux Cleanse Bidet Attachment

Innovative personal hygiene for discerning individuals who care about improving their health, saving money, and helping the environment.

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