Bug Bulb Zapper Light Bulb by Boundery
Bug Bulb Bug Zapper
Bug bulb bug zapper
Bug Bulb Bug Zapper hanging from tree

Bug Bulb Zapper Light Bulb by Boundery

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The Bug Bulb Zapper Light Bulb is perfect for repelling bugs and keeping them away from your home or campsite. This light bulb is easy to use and can be charged via USB, making it perfect for taking on the go. The built-in hook makes it easy to hang up, and the bright light ensures that bugs will be kept away all night long. 

Keep annoying mosquitoes away from your loved ones

  • The revolutionary 2-in-1 design of this product functions as a mosquito zapper and lantern/flashlight.
  • The long lasting USB rechargeable battery will provide you with plenty hours on your outdoor adventures, while its compact size makes it easy to carry all day long!
  • With an output tone that's sure not only keep them away but also help rid those pesky mosquitoes from bothering us in our homes again too
  • Bug Bulb by Boundery believes in making their customers happy.
Perfect for Any Use

The problem with mosquitoes has finally been solved. The Bug Zapper lamp is a revolutionary way to get rid of these pesky insects that want nothing more than your blood!

360° Mosquito-Killing Power

Bug Bulb is a bug zapper light bulb with powerful UV-lights that attract mosquitoes to it. The 360° zapping power provides protection against bugs and gives you peace of mind knowing they're out there, but don't come near your family or outdoor areas!

Flashlight/Lantern Mode

Bug Bulb not only works as a Bug Zapper. It is also a multifunctional light that can serve as both flashlight, lantern and reading lamps. It has three brightness settings with 20 hours on the lowest setting feasible for each of them!

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1. Press the power on/off butvton to tur n the bulb on.
- For Lantern Mode: Keep pressing the power button to toggle between the 3 brightness light modes:
- For Bug Zapper:
1.Press the zapper light switch button on the left.

The Bug Bulb lamp is a stylish and functional way to add some ambiance your home. To charge the light just plug it into any available outlet with its USB cable, which you can purchase separately if needed!

The camping lamp bug zapper is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. It has an incredibly long battery life and will give you 20 hours of bright white light or 15 mosquito protection with just one charge!

Unlike bug sprays and electric lantern smoky coils, our indoor bug zapper is non-toxic. It's energy efficient with a durable shatter resistant ABS cover to prevent overheating while also containing an embedded smart chip that prevents it from being turned on when not needed!

The Bug Bulb is the perfect solution for any outdoor adventure. This Bug Zapper is small enough to fit in your pocket or camping pack, but powerful enough kill mosquitoes around 100 feet away!

You can take it hiking on vacation when you're tired of being bitten by little pests while trying catch some zzz's too - just place near beds at night so they don't bite down low where people sleep most often (and also keep them off our backs).

The bright LED light makes using easy even after dark

The LED light is a high-powered, IPX6 waterproof and shockproof device that comes with smart chip protection. It uses 5W in zapper mode or 1 watt as an actual beacon light - perfect for camping trips when you need your hands free!